Friday, March 1, 2013

Allô, allô, ne kitty pas, s'il vous plait

This is the corner of rue des Rosiers and rue des
Hospitalières St. Gervais (a very long name for a very short 

street).  The street art appears to be a collaboration:
I don't know who did the robotic creature in the background,
but I think I've seen his (her?) work in the 13th; Nature's Revenge is 

usually associated with the artist Ludo, but I can't see what he 
contributed here (maybe the butterflies?); the beautiful 
tigers are the work of Mosko et Associés (founded by two old 
friends, Michel Allemand and Gérard Laux, who grew up 
in the area north of Montmartre called Moskowa).

[I'm linking back to Paulita's meme, 
Dreaming of Francebecause I am, always—
and also to Orange You Glad It's Friday.]