Monday, October 1, 2012


There are about 15 museums in Paris that
have free admission, and the Musée Carnavalet
is one of my faves. This former home of
Mme de Sévigny has been open as a
museum since 1880. What I like best
here are the room re-creations, from a
15th-century drawing room to
Marcel Proust's cork-lined bedroom.


  1. A beautiful capture Alexa ... I'll be in Paris in a few days time ... Staying quite close to Musée Carnavalet ... so must take a look. I didn't know it was free ... That's an extra incentive to visit.

  2. Very nice shot! I've planned to go to this museum more than once and I've still never gone there.

  3. wow! I did not know they had so many free museums. I can not wait to go!
    this is a beautiful site Alexa-I love the pink & I love angel statuary.