Thursday, October 31, 2013

I love my view!

I've been told that if you take a picture of
a person next to one of these stone creatures that
live atop Notre Dame, the chimera will look real and
the human will appear to be made of stone.  I've never
tested it out myself, but others I know have and guess what:
It's true.  If (or better yet, when) you go to Paris, 
the 387 steps of the north tower and try it out for yourself.
(Or just go up there for the awesome view!)

[It's Skywatch Friday. To see more, go here.]


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  2. Wonderful photo and terrific view! Very nice composition!

  3. wow! really??? this is an incredible shot Alexa. I am so there! sooner hopefully, rather than later.
    : )

    1. Don't even think of going to Paris w/o talking to me first, okay?

  4. That chimera has an awesome view!

  5. Your charming creature does indeed have a most fantastic view. What a skyline! I totally admire the creative way you composed this shot.

  6. So glad nobody called it a gargoyle. But it's not a chimera either. It's a grotesque.

    1. Merci, Bert -- I used to think they were all stryge, but only one of them gets that title (and it's not this fellow). BTW, it used to be a lot easier to photograph these things—and to pose beside them—before they put up the safety netting.

  7. Have go there! Thanks för letting me know! :) Beautiful photo

  8. This creature has a livelong view over a fantastic city. Great Shot!

  9. Now that is something I must try!

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  11. Fabulous, Alexa!

    Get some shots of the bridges over the Seine for Sunday Bridges. Amazingly, Louis doesn't have any!