Friday, June 1, 2012

Care for a café?

I found seats for us here at Café Mabillon,
on the corner of Blvd. St. Germain
and rue de Buci, right in the heart of
St. Germain (all the tourists are a couple 

of blocks away, at the Deux Magots).

And our color-coordinated
waiter is cute too!


  1. I love the purple. I found some purple and ROUGE chairs in the Marais once. Of course I felt compelled to sit and sip so I could get a closer look!

  2. These are wonderful! I know exactly where this is.

    Now I really want to go back to Paris. It's only been a little over a year and a half since my last trip but it seems like much longer.

  3. Great photo! Perfect spot to sit and watch the Parisian world go by. I'm even happy to sit next to the woman on the cell phone as I find that a good way to hear how people really speak to each other in French. Name the time and I'll happily meet you here.

  4. I prefer, much prefer, this side of the river to t'other. However, I did have coffee at 'that other place', and for the most tawdry of reasons. The fried I was with had one of those faux-aged wall clocks with Deux Magots on it ... and insisted on a photograph of herself sipping coffee in situ.

  5. This looks divine! Smart move avoiding the tourist spots!