Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Quai With a View

After I left Paris, the woman I'd worked for
moved to a 2nd-floor apartment with this terrific
view of Notre Dame.  Unfortunately her dog, a sweet
boxer named Lazare, was more distressed than impressed.
He actually jumped out the window in an attempt to
get back to their former digs.  His broken leg did
mend, though, and he learned to live with the new view.


  1. Sometimes I amaze myself. WHY oh WHY have I never walked down those stairs and had a seat right there for a while? If I can get myself back to Paris I surely will even if it's so cold I freeze my bum off!

    Poor lazare! :(

  2. I have never leant over this balaustrade either, but yearn to.

    I have read through each of your posts, Alexa; now to work backwards and provide feedback - and encouragement. Your images appear timeless.

  3. How beautiful! This is my favorite view of Notre Dame! And now, I must look back at a few of your other posts! (I've been doing Paris posts over at The Marmelade Gypsy for the past few weeks, so I'm sort of longing!)

  4. What a view! It would be a dream come true to have an apartment on Île Saint-Louis with or without a view. Poor Lazare. :(

    I'm counting the days to my next trip to Paris but unfortunately it's still a long way off.

  5. Ah! yes I know where you've taken this pic from ... I'm hoperfully taking another trip to Paris within the next few months ... with a long list of places I've missed on my last visits. My favourite of all things to do is to sit in a really French style cafe, sippping coffee with salted caramel macaron while looking out on beautiful La Seine.

  6. Another fascinating composition with the iconic landmark in the background and the human interest life realia in the foreground having the feeling of a Seurat painting. (And like Seurat I hope I made my point.)

    That was one boxer down for the count. Ouch! It’s too bad there aren’t any EVTs (Emergency Veterinarian Technicians).

    Is it mere coincidence that that second floor window to the left of the balcony has what looks like anti-dog-jumping bars in front of the window?

    I think you are on the right track. You have been thinking about returning to Paris so much that you have begun to permeate the very atmosphere of your beloved city. At least I think this might be your face.