Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A bit of a splurge

I'm so glad I ate here at the Grand Véfour when I
did—9 years ago, when the prix fixe lunch was
about $100 total.  Now it's at least half again more,
though no doubt still an incredible culinary experience.
Might be best to have lunch here rather than dinner, unless
you've just won the lottery and don't think 84 euros is
a tad dear for 
caviar "à la cuillère" (i.e., a third of an ounce) 
and some whole-wheat blinis—and that's just a starter.

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  1. Ah, delightful to dine vicariously through your post -- but yes, a bit beyond the budget these days! Still, sounds such fun!

  2. I do not need to have a meal there. I can take photos of the mirrored ceiling through the windows and listen to your story of dining there. le sigh!


  3. I used to stay in an apartment just a couple of hundred feet from there and on my first trip to Paris I thought, why not just walk over and have dinner. Ha! I was in shock. I'm pretty sure I'll never eat there but I bet it would be a fun experience.

  4. I"m glad for you. I"ll have to take your word for it! I love the PR!